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  • Your site ready within 24hrs
  • Costs less than a cup of coffee per day
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  • Cancel anytime
  • Edit your own content
  • (Limited introductory offer)

Limited Time Offer - Introductory Rate - $39 USD / Month

For the month of August we are offering 50 Presence Packages at a reduced rate for early subscribers.

  • First month free
  • No commitment (cancel at anytime)
  • No signup fees, no hidden fees
  • We do all of the setup and hand you control
  • We'll launch your site within 24hrs
  • Upgrade your site at anytime
  • We don't lock your domain
  • No third party ads on your site

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Your Package Includes


When you launch a website, the files need to be stored somewhere. With other services, you have to pay extra and sometimes even set up a server yourself. With DYS, we take care of all that for you and it's already built into the pricing.

Web Address

This is what people will type into their browsers in order to find you online. If you already have your own domain, we can help you point it to our servers. If you don't have a domain, we can register one on your behalf and take care of the setup.

Website / Control

This is the real "meat and potatoes" of the entire package. We will set up a simple website for you that you will then be able to edit and update as you see fit. Our team will also take the time to train you on how to make changes without needing to know how to code.


Each of our accounts come with email addresses using your own domain so that you can have that professional looking address that is branded for your company. Your emails can then be accessed through your cell phone or desktop through our online portal.

So What's the Deal?

What does $39 a Month Really Mean?

We'll take the time to set up your website that you can then control

In plain English, this means that you get the ability to:

  • Control all of the graphics
  • Control all of the text
  • Capture newsletter subscribers
  • Schedule promotions through your site
  • Display your contact info
  • 1st month free on Presence Package (limited offer)
  • No commitment - cancel any time

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Amazing! But why is this happening?

Presence is a new web kit developed by the experienced team at Drive Marketing to address small businesses who need a simple website. Being a new product, we want to test it on a small number of clients before going all out on our marketing to the general public.

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So How Does This All Work?

Getting started is easy.

You have three options to get going:

  1. Call 855 811-6012 and have us set up your site
  2. Chat with a rep to have us set up your site
  3. Fill out the online form to the left to get yourself set up

We'll set up your site and hand you control. Ask for the Presence Package for $39 USD / Month.

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